Be Strong and Very Courageous

This past week was tough, friends. I had to do some big, scary things.

When I told my four-year old that I was afraid, he took my cheeks in his little hands and said, “Mom, God is with you.” We had just read the story of Joshua, and he was referring to those liberating words…

Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go. (Joshua 1:9)

Coincidentally, I spent a lot of time on the go this week. I wrote this little poem at the airport as I fought to keep my eyes fixed on Christ. I pray it might encourage you as you fight the good fight today.

Be Strong and Very Courageous

I’m off to fight the battle.
I march across the field.
A warrior on a mission
To love, my flesh to yield.

The enemy awaits me.
He taunts me from afar,
Hurling lies like hand grenades.
Soldier, this is war.

My heart, it pounds inside me.
My thoughts, they start to race.
He’s clever, big, and strong to boot.
He’ll laugh right in my face!

“Be strong!” the general shouts aloud.
“Take courage! Have no fear!
This battle is not yours, it’s mine!
I’m with you. I am here.”

“His stature may be daunting,
But over him, I tower.
He may have swords and bows and guns,
But in my name is power.

I’ll arm you with a belt of truth,
This sword will make you ready,
This shield of faith will block the blows,
These shoes will keep you steady.

A righteous breastplate given by
The King who reigns above.
A helmet of salvation
Guards your head with love.”

“Be strong and very courageous!”
I hear him cry once more.
“Wait! You’ll find your strength renewed.
On eagles’ wings you’ll soar.”

“Fix your eyes upon the Son.
Think on all that he has done–
All the dragons he has slayed,
The battles he has won.

Engrave his words upon your heart,
And follow his commands.
Keep them close, you’ll find success.
Hold them in your hands.

His words give life and health and peace.
They counsel and they test.
In the trenches, think on them,
And you will find true rest.”

“Be strong!” He bellows from the front.
“Take courage! Don’t give in.
Have faith, the victory is ours.
Soldier, we will win!”

“The battle that is waging
Is coming to an end.
Until that time, gird up your loins!
Stand firm, and do not bend.

With just one blow, I’ll end the war,
And bring eternal ruin
To the one who dared to challenge me.
The time is coming soon…

When pain and tears will be no more,
When death and war will cease.
A time when truth and love will reign
In the perfect Prince of Peace.

Until that day, keep marching.
Keep marching toward the Light.
Be strong and very courageous.
I am with you in the fight.”